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About Us

The California Application Creators (CalAppCreators) project is a group comprised of educational, employment, training, and economic development agencies. It is administered by the Los Angeles Community College District and supported by colleges and businesses throughout the region. It is a sector-based collaboration that strives to unite resources throughout the region - including unions, trade associations, and the non-profit sectors involved in the workforce development system.

Under a theme of collaboration, the California Application Creators project seeks to be the next
generation in workforce mobile application development solutions by:

creating and deploying a full array of mobile device app training and curriculum
building mobile apps for local businesses for in-house utilization for employees to access and/or to enhance their Customer Service levels
providing mobile app companies with highly trained and skilled app developers to meet the needs of their industry
creating the platform for business-to-business networking and small business venture launching

To find out more or to join the consortium, please contact Dr. Chito Cajayon, LACCD Vice Chancellor of Economic & Workforce Development: 213-891-2165 or via Email.

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